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Code Manager Tools

The Code Manager Tools are available for all PHP code types through PHP class CM_Tools. Use CMTools to:

  • Get access to object constants, properties and methods
  • Change object constants, properties and methods
  • Get access to WP user info
  • Run Code Manager shortcodes from any PHP code type
  • Write (debug) text to log files

Example code

The following code demonstrates how CM_Tools can be used with plugin WP Data Access. CM_Tools works with other themes and plugins as well. If you have the WP Data Access installed, you can download this demo code (CM_Tools Demo) to experiment with CM_Tools.


CM_Tools allows you to use shortcodes anywhere, even in the back-end. The following example add CSS shortcodes WP-Data-Access-Data-Projects-Color-Boyz and WP-Data-Access-Data-Projects-Rounded-Corners-Small to the back-end.

Execute method get_column_info() and dump columns labels on screen.


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