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The Code Manager allows WordPress users to create, edit and organize PHP, JavaScript, CSS and HTML code from the dashboard. Code can be previewed, enabled or disabled. Three code types are supported:

  1. Shortcodes
  2. Resources files (premium feature)
  3. Server code (premium feature)


Shortcodes can be used to add functionality to a web page. The Code Manager supports:

  • PHP Shortcodes (use PHP to add dynamic content to a web page)
  • JavaScript Shortcodes (use JavaScript to make your web page more interactive)
  • CSS Shortcodes (add custom CSS code to specific web pages)
  • HTML Shortcodes (use HTML blocks on web pages)

Resource Files

Resources files can be added to the back-end and/or front-end. The Code Manager supports two types of resources files:

  • JavaScript files
  • CSS files

Server Code

The Code Manager allows WordPress users to write PHP code that runs in the back-end and/or front-end. There are three types of server code:

  1. Back-end Code (hooks, filters, custom admin pages, ajax services and more…)
  2. Front-end Code (hooks and filters for front-end usage)
  3. Library Code (shared classes and functions used in back-end/front-end code)

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